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Ivan Estegneev
Foto: Ira Polyarnaya
Ivan Estegneev

Ivan Estegneev was born in 1980 in the South of Russia and graduated in the Humanitarian Institute in Saint-Petersburg.


Ivan Estegneev is co-founder and artistic director of Dialogue Dance School and Company in Kostroma since 2002 together with his partner Evgeny Kulagin. They founded the contemporary dance company “Dialogue Dance” in Kostroma, which soon after became an important center of contemporary dance in Russia. The company was awarded three National Theater Awards “Golden Mask” for its performances. Dialogue Dance Company collaborated with major companies and choreographers from Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria and South Africa. Ivan Estegneev and Evgeny Kulagin are founders and CEO of STANTSIA independent contemporary art venue. At different times they curated co-productions and festivals of contemporary dance, theater and music in Russia.


Since 2012 Ivan has worked as resident choreographer at Gogol Center in Moscow, founded by Kirill Serebrennikov. He created the productions Shakespeare (2017), Two Rooms (2018), Barocco (2018) with Evgeny Kulagin and several performances with Kirill Serebrennikov, including two productions for the main program of Avignon Festival. Since 2016 he has collaborated with Polish director Grzegorz Jarzyna (TR Warsaw) in five different productions in Poland, Russia and China. 


Estegneev has taught stage movement and cinema dance for acting faculty at the Moscow Film School 2015-2022. He is a co-founder and CEO of the physical theater and performance laboratory DialogLab in Moscow since 2018. 


Since 2022  he has worked in Thalia Theater as choreographer in residence and made following productions: Black Monk, Viy, Barocco, The Bat.