'Over the last four decades, McBurney and his collaborators have changed the face of theatre… they have created work that combines poetry and intelligence, illuminating the stage in a way that combines the inspiration of the best story-telling with the play of the imagination.' - Mark Kidel, The Arts Desk, 31.03.2023


‘a must-see… this play will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.’ - Zuzanna Chmielewska, West End Evenings, 16.03.2023


‘The production’s blend of philosophical purpose and irreverent humor rings true to the book’s spirit, and makes for an entertaining and thought-provoking spectacle.’ - Houman Barekat, New York Times, 29.03.2023


„Aber es zieht doch tief hinein in die größten Konflikte unserer Zeit – das muss man mit Theater erst einmal schaffen. Standing Ovations brausen auf – und ausnahmsweise gibt es beim anschließenden DGB-Büffet auch nur vegetarische Speisen.“ - Dorothea Marcus,, 04.05.2023


‘Crime story melds into environmental clarion call, fatalism sits alongside hope, and cosmic fatefulness against finding freedom, all of it masterfully interwoven and magnificent to the end.’ - Arifa Akbar, The Guardian, 29.03.2023


‘This is a beguiling, imaginative piece of theatre, as strange, dark and mischievous as the book. And it demonstrates how powerfully theatre can advocate through artistry.’ - Sarah Hemming, Financial Times, 29.03.2023


‘Fans of the novel won’t be disappointed. This is a loyal but innovative adaptation’ - Farah Najib, Evening Standard, 29.03.2023


‘What makes the Complicité adaptation of Drive Your Plow so impressive is it doesn’t distil or remove any of the novel’s expansive themes. Through jaw-dropping theatrical devices to the raw pulsating vividness of Tokarczuk’s original writing, the Silesian countryside comes to life as the setting for a gripping thriller, and a life-affirming existential howl.’ - Jonny Walfisz, Euronews, 29.03.2023


‘Drive Your Plow’s parable of hubris offers considerable food for thought as we continue to hurtle toward climate disaster: Janina is a Cassandra figure for the 21st century, a voice of reason doomed to be met with indifference, condescension or ridicule. The political message is deadly earnest. Thankfully, Complicité serves it up with a dose of fun.’ - Houman Barekat, New York Times, 29.03.2023