© Maksym DondyukOleksandr Glyadyelov «Mariupol. A Hundred Nights»
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The digital installation consists of three video works dedicated to the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. The animated cartoon „Mariupol. A Hundred Nights“ tells the story of the horrific events that took place in Mariupol in the spring of 2022 and is a dedication to the children who died as a result of the conflict. The video works of two photographers Olexandr Glyadyelov and Maksym Dondyuk are unique footage of Russian crimes in Ukraine, including the evacuation of civilians from the Kyiv region, horrific findings after the occupation and destruction. #WAR_DIARY is a documentary film made by actors of the CCA DAKH in Kyiv who have kept a video diary to express their fears and hopes during the first month of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Cartoon „Mariupol. A Hundred Nights“ tells us a story of a little girl, who wakes up on February 24th because of the air alert and tries to find someone living in the burning city. The main character is based on the story of Alice, a 4 year girl, who stayed in the blocked Mariupol during the whole time, she was also at Azovstal during the last month of defense. When russians allowed the evacuation of civilians from Asovstal, Alice was separated from her mother. A poem used in the film is „The wheels, the wheels, they hit the road“ („Кolesa hlukho stukotiat“) by Vasyl Stus who was a Ukrainian poet and an active member of the dissident movement in the 60's and 70's. Stus was repressed and died in GULAG. The film was initiated with by Gogolfest, a Ukrainian festival of contemporary art, which last 5 years was involved deeply in cultural life of the city, and was created in the frame of the collaboration project „Belief Matters“ between German & Ukrainian artists.

Director & illustrator: Sofiia Melnyk
Animators: Sofiia Melnyk, Anastasiia Flaileeva
Idea and curator: Andrii Palatnyi
Story: Sofiia Melnyk & Andrii Palatnyi
Coordinator: Viktoriia Fedoriv
Directors of project «Belief Matters»:
Christine Dissmann & Anton Telbizov
Anatolii Kinashchuk
Photo from the personal diary of Egor
Kravtsov: Evgeny Sosnovsky
Music: Stus: Passerby, song «Kolesa»
Composer: Volodymyr Rudenko
Vocal & instruments: Sofia Baskakova, Ihor
Dymov & Volodymyr Rudenko
Poetry: Vasyl Stus «Кolesa hlukho stukotiat»
Translation of the poem into English:
Olexander Fraze-Frazenko
Sound design: Marius Kirsten
Subtitles: Mariia Yakovenko, Alina Danylova

WAR [Photo-essay]
Oleksandr Glyadyelov covered the armed conflicts in Moldova (where he was wounded), Nagornij Karabakh, Chechnya and Ukraine (where he was wounded again). Since 1996, Glyadyelov has concentrated on long-term photographic documentary projects including: socially abused children, the HIV/AIDS epidemic among intravenous drug users and post soviet prisons. Glyadyelov's photography has been used by international organizations including MSF, ICRC, The Global Fund, WHO, UNAIDS, and UNICEF. He is an author of more then thirty solo photo exhibitions. His works are kept in private collections in the US and Europe. Olexandr Glyadyelov never left Ukraine since 24 of February 2022 and he documents full-scale Russian invasion in different regions of Ukraine.

Photography: Olexandr Glyadyelov
Music: Anton Baibakov
Directed by Oleg Sosnov

UKRAINE 2022 [Photo-essay]
Photographer Maksym Dondyuk has been shooting the war in Ukraine since 2014. According to him, since 2013 he has been keeping a „visual diary" of what is happening in Ukraine. Revolution of Dignity, war in the east of the country, full-scale invasion. Dondyuk's photos are published by leading Western publications Der Spiegel, Paris Match, Time, Stern and others.

Photography: Maksym Dondyuk
Composer: Anton Baibakov
Directed by Oleg Sosnov

#WAR_DIARY [Documentary video-installation]
Since the first days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, actors from the Dakh Centre of Contemporary Art in Kyiv have kept a video diary to express their fears and hopes. Two parts were recorded during the spring, the first immediately after the start of the full-scale invasion and the second a month later. One actress has sought refuge in Lviv in the western part of Ukraine with her family. Another is in Uzhgorod, on the border with Slovakia. Others have found asylum in Poland or Germany. And some stayed in Kyiv, the besieged capital.

Curator: Andrii Palatnyi
Actors: Volodymyr Lutikov, Ihor Dymov, Sofiya Baskakova, Nadiia Golubtsova, Valentyna Melnyk
Video: Mariia Yakovenko
Titles: Alina Danylova
Coordinator: Viktoriia Fedoriv


27.1.   7 – 10.30 pm

28.1.   7 – 11 pm

29.1.   6 – 9.30 pm 

Thalia Gauß

free entrance 

The installation contains sensitive content and is not recommended for people under 18