Terms and conditions

1 Scope

1.1 The terms and conditions regulate the legal relationships for Thalia Theater GmbH (Thalia Theatre) and its visitors. By purchasing a ticket or completing a subscription agreement, the customer is deemed to have agreed to these conditions. Subscribers are also bound by subscription terms and conditions. Terms and conditions also apply to patron organisations and their members, if not waived by a separate agreement.
1.2 For events organised by third parties on the premises of Thalia Theater GmbH the general Thalia Theater GmbH terms and conditions are valid to a limited extent, and only in so far as not otherwise stipulated in the general terms and conditions of the external organisers.


2 Programme and show times

An up to date programme with show times and casting details is published regularly by Thalia Theater GmbH. We reserve the right to make changes to this. In the case that a performance must be changed or cancelled, or there is a change to the published start time, Thalia will endeavour to inform guests in good time. Thalia Theater GmbH accepts no responsibility for information on posters or in other publications (e.g. in the press).

3 Opening times

3.1 The customer service centre, box office and telephone booking line will be open at the times given in regular Thalia Theater GmbH publications.
3.2 The evening box office opens 60 minutes before the start of each performance. At the evening box office, priority will be given to the purchase of tickets for that evening’s performance. The evening box office closes when the performance begins. Reserved tickets can be collected up to half an hour before the performance begins.


4 Advance sales

4.1 Advance sales begin on the first working day of the month and include tickets for the coming month and the following ten days. Individual productions may go on sale early. The advance booking conditions are regulated according to Thalia publications.
4.2 Furthermore advance sales take place via associated theatre box offices, travel agencies and other ticket agencies in Hamburg and across Germany, as well as online, via the websites of our partners. Where applicable, conflicting terms and and conditions of named partners (e.g. regarding advance booking fees) also apply, for which Thalia Theatre assumes no liability.
4.3 Thalia reserves the right to limit the number of tickets that can be bought per person in certain cases. Furthermore, Thalia reserves the right to restrict advance sales in terms of the length of time on sale and/or the release of reduced tickets/seats and/or using certain distribution channels.
4.4 If Thalia sends the customer their tickets/subscription card through the post it is at the risk of the customer/subscriber. Thalia Theatre is not obliged to provide a replacement. The theatre is entitled to charge a shipping and handling fee when posting tickets.


5 Orders, reservations and sales

5.1 Phone line ticket reservations are only possible once the applicable advance booking period has commenced. Ticket reservations made over the phone are considered as temporary reservations until payment is made, when they become binding. As a general rule, reserved tickets will be held for ten days after the reservation date, however they can usually be collected and paid for up to half an hour before the performance. Tickets are sent out at the request and risk of the customer. The payable processing and shipping fees will be charged alongside the cost of tickets. Tickets will be dispatched once payment is received. Should the customer fail to meet the payment deadline, Thalia Theatre reserves the right to re-allocate the tickets elsewhere. It is also possible to make a binding purchase of tickets by telephone, by paying with a credit card at the same time. Only tickets that have already been paid for will be left at the evening box office. Tickets that do not get collected will not be replaced. 
5.2 When ordering tickets online, the customer has the option of a conclusion of contract. The customer will receive an email confirming the ticket purchase once the payment has been authorised. The only payment options available for online ticket purchase are those given on the Thalia Theatre homepage. By sending an email confirmation of ticket purchase, Thalia Theater GmbH accepts the customer’s offer of contract under the condition subsequent, that upon receipt of payment the ordered number of tickets in the selected price band will no longer be available. In so far as Thalia Theater GmbH offers services outside of leisure activities, and sells tickets for these events, it must be in accordance with § 312 Paragraph 3 Clause 6. BGB. The regular two week revocation period is then excluded. Every ticket order is instantly binding once Thalia Theater GmbH has sent confirmation and will oblige the customer to accept and pay for the ordered tickets. Tickets are sent out at the request and risk of the person ordering them. The payable processing and shipping fees will be charged alongside the cost of tickets. Tickets will be dispatched once payment is received. Only tickets that have already been paid for will be left for collection. Tickets that do not get collected will not be replaced.  


6 Ticket prices

6.1 Performances at Thalia are subject to different seating plans, price bands and seating categories depending on the venue and the event itself. Surcharges may be payable for selected performances (e.g. special events, touring productions). It is also possible that third party events performed on the premises of Thalia Theater GmbH will be subject to different fees. 
6.2 Ticket and subscription prices, and the subscription terms and conditions are printed in the latest Thalia Theatre publications. Furthermore, information on the various season ticket options is available at the subscription office, at the box office and on the Thalia website. Subscriptions last for the duration of an entire season. Subscriptions are automatically renewed for another season, unless the Thalia subscription office receives written cancellation by 30thApril of the current season and the theatre confirms this.
6.3 As is printed on the tickets, the ticket also entitles the bearer to free use of public transport (HVV). Whether the visitor attends the corresponding performance is irrelevant. With regard to the use of a ticket as a transport ticket, this is a separate contractual relationship between the customer and the transport company, for which the conditions of the HVV and associated transport companies are valid.
6.4 No cloakroom fees, programmes, books or other services are included in the ticket price.


7 Concessions

7.1 School children and students up to the age of 30, trainees, volunteers, the unemployed and recipients of ALG I and ALG II  can purchase discounted tickets when they show corresponding proof (e.g. their Hamburg Social Card). If the proof submitted does not include a photograph, you must also present photo ID (e.g. ID card or driving licence).
7.2 School groups with at least ten children accompanied by a supervising teacher can buy a reduced ticket when making a group booking. For every 10 school children one chaperone in the school party will receive a free ticket. 
7.3 Severely disabled guests receive a discount (from 50% MdE). Furthermore, a maximum of one other person can also receive this discount in so far as the disabled person’s pass shows the necessity for a carer to accompany them, indicated by ‘B’. Tickets for wheelchair users are reserved for severely disabled patrons, whose disability means they cannot leave their wheelchair during the performance. 
7.4 Concession tickets are only valid when shown alongside appropriate ID. Only one concession ticket can be purchased per person and per ID for each performance. It is not possible to combine more than one concession. Concessions do not relate to any possible further fees. 
7.5 Criteria for concessions can be changed by Thalia at any time. Furthermore, Thalia Theater GmbH is entitled to reduce or exclude the allocation of concession tickets for particular venues, productions, seats or price bands, in terms of the time they are on sale or distribution channels used.


8 Return of unused tickets

8.1 Tickets that have been purchased cannot be returned or exchanged. Expired tickets will not be replaced.

8.2 If instead of the play that was advertised when the ticket was sold, another performance is taking place, any purchased tickets can be returned to the box office before the show begins. 

8.3 Cast changes and other last minute amendments to the performance does not result in the right to return tickets. 
8.4 Should there be any interruption to the performance less than half way through, then a ticket to a replacement performance will be offered or, in case this is not possible for scheduling or other reasons, the ticket will be reimbursed. This also applies to cancelled performances.

8.5 In the cases of 8.2 to 8.4 any further claims are excluded; in particular, usless expenditures made by guests cannot be replaced. Claims for the ticket price to be reimbursed are void in cases 8.2 and 8.4, if they are not made within ten days. 


9 Loss of tickets

9.1 If tickets are lost, Thalia Theater GmbH will provide a replacement ticket, only if the patron can prove where they were sitting or makes a plausible case of which ticket he/she purchased. Thalia Theater GmbH is entitled to charge a processing fee for issuing replacement tickets, cards or subscription passes.
9.2 Should both the original ticket and the replacement ticket for the same seat be presented by two different audience members, the holder of the replacement ticket has priority over the owner of the original ticket.

10 Admission to performances

10.1 The theatre foyer is usually open half an hour before the performance begins.
10.2 Visitors must show the valid ticket to theatre staff, along with a subscription pass or relevant ID for concession tickets. Each ticket admits one person to watch the performance.

10.3 Once the performance has commenced, for security reasons, out of respect for the participating performers and audience, and in the interests of not interrupting the performance, guests will only be allowed into the auditorium at an appropriate time that will not disrupt the performance (e.g. change of scene, interval) and with no claim to the seat number purchased. Latecomers must follow the ushers’ instructions regarding the moment they enter the auditorium and where they sit.
10.4 Tickets are no longer valid once the performance has finished and the patron has left the Thalia Theatre premises. This does not apply to the HVV transport service associated with the ticket.


11 Cloakroom

11.1 Cloakroom items (coats, umbrellas, large bags and similar bulky items) should not be taken into the auditorium, rather they should be handed to the cloakroom attendants for a fee.
11.2 Upon presentation of a cloakroom ticket the stored items in the cloakroom will be handed back to the ticket holder without any checks.
11.3 Without a cloakroom ticket, items left in the cloakroom should only be handed back when the guest can prove, or convince staff, that they are the rightful recipient.

11.4 Items that are damaged, taken by mistake or lost should be immediately reported to cloakroom staff, as should the loss of a cloakroom ticket. The visitor is obliged to pay the replacement cost of the cloakroom ticket to front of house staff, at the sum of €5.

11.5 In handing over the cloakroom ticket, Thalia Theatre bears liability for loss or damage to stored items only in so far as the cloakroom attendants have neglected their safe-keeping obligations with intention or have committed gross carelessness. This liability is limited to the current value of €500 for all items handed in and given a cloakroom ticket. Excluded from the liability are ID cards and documents of any kind, credit cards, cash, keys and valuables like make up, electronic devices etc, particularly if these items are in coat pockets or containers. Visitors put items in the cloakroom at their own risk.


12 Lost property

12.1 Items of any kind found on the premises of Thalia Theater GmbH should be handed over to cloakroom staff at the entrance.

12.2 Front of house or cloakroom staff should immediately be notified of any lost items.

12.3 Items will initially be stored at Thalia Theater GmbH and after a reasonable period of time has elapsed they will be moved to the public lost property office. Enquiries about lost items and the issue times of lost items can be directed to front of house staff. For the handling of lost items §§ 978 ff BGB applies.

13 House rules

13.1 Thalia Theater GmbH follows house rules in all of its spaces. It is entitled to impose its own rules, bans and other appropriate measures in the context of this domiciliary right. In particular, guests can be removed from performances if they are causing a disturbance, causing a nuisance to other guests or have repeatedly violated the general terms and conditions. Entry can be refused if there is a reasonable assumption that the visitor plans to disrupt the performance or cause a nuisance to other audience members.  

13.2 Visitors should only take the seat designated on their tickets. If sitting in a seat for which they do not have a valid ticket, Thalia Theater GmbH can charge the difference or remove the guest from the performance.

13.3 Commercial or for-profit resale is only permitted by our authorised distributors.

13.4 Mobile phones and devices, and acoustic signallers of any variety should only be brought into the auditorium if switched off.

13.5 Eating and drinking in the auditorium is strictly prohibited.
13.6 Smoking is forbidden at Thalia.

13.7 In the case of a fire or any other dangerous situation, visitors to the theatre must immediately leave through the marked emergency exits without detours. In these instances there won’t be a cloakroom return. Staff instructions must be followed at all times.


14 Image and/or sound recordings

14.1 Image (film, video etc.) and/or sound recordings are prohibited for copyright reasons. Violations can result in claims for compensation. Photography during the performance is not permitted out of respect to the participating artists and audience members.

14.2 Should there be violations, the ushers are entitled to confiscate recording devices and cameras, with no liability for loss, and to retain them until the end of the performance. Where appropriate, the audience member can also be excluded from attending the performance. Recording materials of any kind, on which parts of the performance have been captured, will be confiscated and impounded by Thalia Theater GmbH. They will be handed back to the owner if they have agreed to delete the recordings.

14.3 In the instance that video or sound recordings are being carried out during a public performance by an authorised individual, audience members, by purchasing a ticket, consent that they could possibly be captured in photographs and/or words and that these recordings can be published and utilised without entitlement to renumeration.  

15 Liability

For injuries of any kind sustained by visitors on Thalia Theatre premises, Thalia Theater GmbH, its representatives and agents shall only be liable in cases of deliberate intent or gross negligence. Liability for injury to life, limb and health remains unaffected if the damage sustained is typical and forseeable.


16 Applicable law / place of performance / place of jurisdiction

We are subject exclusively to German law. This also applies to online ticket sales. The place of fulfilment is Hamburg. This also applies to the delivery of the ticket order.


17 Inception

The current terms and conditions came into effect on 24.5.2018 and replaced the existing conditions of use.


Data protection

In compliance with data protection law, the personal data of the ticket purchaser will be collected, processed and used to the necessary extent for the execution of the contract. The legal basis for the initiation, implementation and execution of the contractual performance and fulfilment of the related legal obligations is laid out in Art. 6 Para. 1 S. 1 lit. b DSGVO.
Thalia Theater GmbH has the right to forward data to natural or legal persons, in so far as this delivers the card sale contract and is assigned to ticket sales through Thalia Theatre. The same is true for passing this data on to another theatre in so far as the card sale contract represents a joint venture of this theatre with the participation of Thalia Theatre. Third parties in the aforementioned sense are obliged by Thalia Theatre to comply with data protection law. Thalia Theater GmbH does not trade the personal data of its customers. We do not give personal data to third parties for advertising purposes unless customers have expressly agreed to this. Handing over credit card numbers to unauthorised third parties is excluded in any case. Data will be deleted after 10 years.
If Thalia Theater has taken your address or email-address in connection with a ticket purchase, Thalia Theatre has the right to use this data for direct advertising of other Thalis Theatre productions unless you have refused permission. Requests to remove consent are possible at any time and can be addressed to: widerruf[at]thalia-theater.de or Thalia Theatre, Raboisen 67, Communication Department, 20095 Hamburg. If consent is removed, client data and accounting documents will be stored for ten years in accordance with prescribed retention requirements, however details will not be used by Thalia Theatre to send direct marketing.


Online Ticket Service

We require your personal data when you buy tickets online. This data will only be used by Thalia Theater GmbH and its contractors exclusively to deliver and/or improve existing or future services. Thalia Theater GmbH does not trade the personal data of its customers. Personal data will not be transferred to third parties for advertising purposes unless permission has been explicitly granted. The disclosure of credit card numbers to unauthorised third parties is excluded in any case.


Your rights

Affected persons have the right of access to those responsible for their personal data as well as the correction or deletion of incorrect data, as in the grounds set out in Art. 17 DSGVO, e.g. if data is no longer required for the initial purposes. It also includes the right to restrict processing if one of the conditions set out in Art. 18 DSGVO exists, and in cases of Art. 20 DSGVO, the right to data portability. When data is collected on the basis of Art. 6 Para. 1 S. 1 lit. e (data processing for regulatory task fulfilment or protection of public interests) or lit. f (data processing to protect rightful interests), the affected person has the right for reasons arising from their particular case to file an objection against the processing. We will then stop processing your personal data unless there exist verifiable, compelling and legitimate reasons for processing that outweigh the interests, rights and freedoms of the affected person, or the processing serves the establishment, exercise and defence of legal claims.
You have the right to complain to the regulatory authority if you believe that relevant data has been processed against data protection regulations. In particular, the right to appeal can be exercised at a regulatory authority in the member state of the affected person or the place of the suspected infringement. The regulatory authority responsible in Hamburg is the Hamburg Representative for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (HmbBfDI), Klosterwall 6, 20095 Hamburg. 


Data protection officer

Our data protection officer, Jürgen Danielsen, is responsible for monitoring our data protection obligations. He is available for information and suggestions on the topic of data protection. Our data protection officer can be reached by email: datenschutz@thalia-theater.de


Consumer dispute settlement law

Thalia Theatre is neither willing nor obliged to participate in dispute settlement procedure in front of a Consumer dispute settlement panel (see § 36 Consumer dispute settlement law). We expect, in the future as in the past, to solve potential problems and disputes directly with our audience members and suppliers, to everyone’s satisfaction.