Internationale Jugendbegegnung in Hamburg / Präsentation


Nehle Mallasch

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YOu Perform

Performance across Borders


The new European youth exchange YOU PERFORM gathers young people from four countries to work creatively together

From June 30 to July 6 of 2022 they will jointly participate in the EUROPEAN YOUTH PERFORMANCE LAB in Hamburg within the new cultural youth exchange project YOU PERFORM. A total of 50 young people from the four countries France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands are expected to attend the programme at Thalia Theater Hamburg. The German participants come from Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt and Hamburg.


The last 15 (Thalia Theater, Hamburg)

What if you only had 15 minutes to live? Could you still fulfil all your dreams or do you have to choose one? Do you want to confess your love very quickly or do you keep quiet? Would you do something you have never dared to do before or would you just stand still and show your laughter for 15 minutes? What do you want to do?

So many words have been written, so many dreams you still want to fulfil, Life is different

Performers: Aleyna Özcan , Henna Khajazada, Jephthah Yeboah, Jonas Frühauf, Kingsley Akindele, Pryas Aurora, Rachele Tudor
Coach: Kerstin Steeb (Musiktheater-Regisseurin)


For better, for worse. (Toneelmakerij, Amsterdam)

Dear guests, dear friends, friends of friends and strangers with somehow familiar faces…We are happy to announce the marriage of.

Isabelle, Shavek, Savannah, Otis,Mathilde and Pleun



The whole live

Everything of Live.

Everything, what comes with it.

A bumpy road it will be.

But today it’s time to celebrate love for live.

And you are invited.

Performers: Mathilde den Draak, Otis van der Cammen, Pleun Fioole, Shavek Hassenmohamed, Isabelle Laman Trip, Savannah Wolin

Coach: Lot Houtepen


Generation Z (Staatsschauspiel Dresden)

WE ask ourselves who this WE actually is. WE are fragile. WE are the future. WE seek happiness like every generation. WE did not choose the last letter of the alphabet. After us comes Alpha. Ahead of us is an almost infinite mass of possibilities. WE know how to make pictures that are already perfect even more perfect. WE are many. WE are loud. WE are permanently connected to each other, but can also connect in real life. WE are not naive. WE are not stupid, even if WE often ask ourselves whether it would not have been better to make the other decision.

Performers: Emma Schindler, Lara Greif, Danylo Voronzbekher 
Coach: Romy Weyrauch (Regisseurin, Theatermacherin)


Le petit Chaperon Rouge (Le Préau, Vire, France)

We are nine women, nine souls, aged 15 to 18. Evolving together, building a friendship and trust over the weeks. Each unique, yet so united, we have built a story of caring, laughter, and above all, theatre.Our play is based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, but also on "Au bois", by Claudine Galéa and on texts that we have written ourselves. We deal with the subject of the place of women in society. It is a subject that is very close to our hearts, because even if society is moving forward on this subject, there are still too many injustices concerning women, which are unfortunately not very much addressed.


Performers: Ysaline Auvray, Léa Bourignang, Zoé Calcine, Lisa Dachards, Zoé Datin, Maïtena Mangou, Manon Mignot, Mathilde Villeroy, Ambre Rivards     


Coaches: Adrien Cornaggia, Baptiste Mayoraz



ISOLATION (Schauspiel Frankfurt)

A state of many facets.

Some seek it, others can hardly bear it?

Guided by free will, self-protection, emotional pressure or compulsion.

How do we deal with it and who is there for us with certainty?
Performers: Maria Camila Cuartas Hauswald, Venessa Mensah, Kristina Cassandra Alabata Pascua
Coach: Aylin Yesilay (Choreografin, Musikproduzentin)


There is a country (Katona József Színház)

What does it mean nowdays to grow up in Hungary? What kind of experiences do young people have at school, in the family, on the streets? 


 Performers: Ádám Telihay,  Janka Fekete, Álmos Galló, Eszter Gerencsér, Dániel Kovács, Máté Macher, Júlia Nagy, Abigél Ress, Anna Szegezdi, Dorka Berta Tóth, 


Coach: Végh Ildikó, Vági Eszter


Projectmanagement: Nehle Mirja Mallasch


Projectcoordination: Lea Wendschuh


Productionmanagement: Janka Kenk


Production Assistance: Mara Calenic


Video: Dennis Stoermer


Deutsches Theater Berlin: Christiane Lehmann

Jugoslaw Drama Theater: Lidija Milic

Katona József Színház Budapest: Végh Ildikó, Vági Eszter

Le Préau: Marine Costard, Sébastien Julliard

Schauspiel Frankfurt: Jorma Foth, Martina Droste

Staatsschauspiel Dresden: Janny Fuchs

Thalia Theater: Nehle Mallasch, Lea Wendschuh

Toneelmakerij: Lot Houtepen, Martien Langman


BHF BANK Stiftung

Director: Sigrid Scherer

Projectmanagement: Lena Schaefer

Projectmanagement UNART: Lena Seidel




2. juli 2022, 19 Uhr, Thalia Gauß