Disco Al Madina

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Hiba Salameh ©Abdulrazak GhunaimDJ TAIIZ © Abdulrazak GhunaimGuy Dermosessian ©Abdulrazak GhunaimLarissa Bertonasco©O-Young Kwon©O-Young Kwon©Abdulrazak Ghunaim

"Disco Al Madina" dedicates a regular club session at the Nachtasyl to non-European and diasporic music and pop cultures.


Hiba Salameh is a music producer, filmmaker and DJ from Haifa. Touring around the world with her electrifying sets and being named by Mixmag as 'one of the Palestinian DJs you need to know’. Never accepting borders, she continuously challenges music genres to create unique sensual experiences while bonding music traditions rooted in the past with their contemporary reflections. In her eclectic DJ Sets, Hiba loves to navigate through the wide universe of electronic music blending the huge heritage of Arabic music with its counterparts from the planet’s southern hemisphere.


DJ TAĪĪZ, a German-Afghan and native Hamburger, grew up in the 1980s in the Steilshoop neighborhood, surrounded by a wide array of musical influences and an artistic family. This rich background is evident in her sets, which feature an unusual mix of Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, and beats from the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Central Asia—all with a psychedelic twist!


Guy Dermosessian is a DJ and the founder of the music label Kalakuta Soul Records, which he has been running with passion since 2009. For over fifteen years, he has traveled the world as a DJ, carrying suitcases filled with records, bringing joy and rhythm to the club scenes everywhere he goes.

As an event organizer, Guy has designed various music series, festivals, and interdisciplinary art projects. With Radio Zaman and Radio Al Madina, he established two club series in Bochum and Hamburg that highlight non-European and Arabic club music and pop culture. In 2023, he founded the Cute Community Space, a physical venue and platform dedicated to the production and dissemination of diasporic pop culture, music, and knowledge.


Larissa Bertonasco is an Italian-German artist, always suffering from the cold in the north, which is why she always likes to dance. She usually works with pencils and colors, but on this AL MADINA evening she will draw with light and transform the NACHTASYL together with all of you into a poetic space where we can dream together and share our visions for a peaceful future.

For a slow urban warm-up into the night, our Al Madina Mixtape DJ will start the evening with a smooth set, spinning classics from Abdulwahab, Umm Kulthum and Fairouz. Their timeless melodies will set a relaxed and enchanting tone, gently easing the audience into the night ahead. As the evening progresses, the tempo will pick up with Tracks by Hamburg legends as Shkoon and the Berliner Nakriz & Sharkeh. The dance floor will come alive with a fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds, setting the stage for DJ Hiba Salameh & TAĪĪZ. Their unforgettable musical journey will bridge cultures and generations, creating a unique and immersive experience for all.


28th June, 10pm, Thalia Nachtasyl