By James Joyce
Directed by Luk Perceval

Writer Richard returns to Dublin with his wife Bertha, after nine years in Rome. There he meets young Beatrice, who inspires him to write a new novel. Beatrice’s cousin Robert, who is also a childhood friend of Richard’s, comes to visit. After a while Bertha starts to develop intimate feelings for him and Richard gives his wife the freedom to choose. Over three acts, the Irish author uses his only play, ‘Exiles’ to stage a quiet romantic drama, without grand gestures, without pathos. Instead of revelations and frenzy there is doubt and ambiguity. The everyday inspires the power play.
Director Luk Perceval is interested in how James Joyce treats something that, at first glance, seems so banal. How far can you go without hurting other people too deeply? How crippling is the fear of losing that hard-won security and closeness in the search for a new life?

An acquisition from the Münchner Kammerspiele.


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