Plays from Nigeria, the Libanon, the Ivory Coast, France, Germany
Premieres, Discussions
with Dunja Hayali and Michel Abdollahi, Falk Richter, Ifeoma Fafunwa, Sebastian Nübling, Omar RajehThomas Ostermeier, Compagnie Dumanlé, among others

A cry rings out around the world. It is the sound of all those who do not feel heard raising their voices. It comes from everywhere and from many different people – despite years of so much talk about “empowerment”, “participation”, “autonomy” and “movements” from the right as much as the left. Distrust of traditional state apparatuses is widespread, and standard politics, especially Western democracies, are in serious turmoil. At the same time, the prevailing zeitgeist is extremely ambivalent. It can  encompass emancipatory liberation movements in the classical sense, or the empowerment of terrorists or right-wing populists.

When is it “good” to raise your voice, and when is it “bad”?


And who decides?

Trailer Lessingtage 2019