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Box office

Mon-Sat 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Sundays and Bank holidays 4-6 p.m.
Tel. 040.328 14-444
Fax -212


Subscription office
Tel. 040.328 14-433

Group bookings

Tel. 040.328 14-422


Artistic Director

Joachim Lux

Personal assistant Wiebke Kannengießer

Phone extension number -101
Fax -201


Commercial Manager

Tom Till
Personal assistant Jana Popihn
Phone extension number -107
Fax -201

Creative management / Guest performances

Andreas Bloch

Associate Producer – Artistic Operations and Special Projects Christian Persico
Phone extension number -117
Fax -201


Director of Operations

Heinz-Werner Köster

Personal Assistant Paul Ly
Phone extension number -108
Fax -202

International programming

Nora Hertlein
Phone extension number -716


Ahu Tanrısever-Kuhr (parental leave)
Phone extension number -210


Mohammed (Ziko) Ghunaim
Mobil 0159. 04044040


Sophie Pahlke-Luz


Management / Lettings

Brian Warstat
Phone extension number -122
Fax -202

Artistic Events Office

Ulrike Rennings, Martina Schlögl, Katrin Voller
Phone extension numbers -104, -105, -109
Fax -201


Artistic Events Office Thalia at the Gaußstraße

Petra Mai
Tel. 040.306039-10, -12
Fax 040.306039-11



Julia Lochte, Management ; Matthias Günther, Susanne Meister, Christina Bellingen, Emilia Linda Heinrich, Christine Ratka, Elvin Ilhan
Phone extension number -131
Fax -201


Maren Dey, Management; Claudia Bestenbostel, Janine Friedrich; Claudia May, Julia Reuter
Phone extension number -725


theatre pedagogy

Herbert Enge, Management; Anne Katrin Klinge, Neele Peters
Phone extension number -139


Development, Fundraising & Thalia Friends

Nora Schott
Phone extension number -121

House management

Uwe Schniedermann
Phone extension number -123
Fax -202

For more information on lost items please call us on Tel. 040.328 14-129.