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A poem a day.


Swiss Actor Albi Klieber once founded the "Poetry Ambulance" to work against significant lack of poetry in society. He sat on a chair and read each visitor a poem face to face.


Now it is up to us to bring poetry to the people. Online. Passers-by will hear a poem or short text. Goethe, Shakespeare - known and unknown names, texts well known and never heard.

Actors, employees, directors and Thalia friends turn to their bookshelves and read us a story every day.

Please note: This is a selection of poems in english and/or various other languages.

Click here to find the complete collection:

Julian Greis sings Astrid Lindgren/Georg Riedel, "Idas Sommarvisa"
Thomas Köck reading Warsan Shire "what they did yesterday afternoon”
Gift Uzera telling "Okaruru" Otjihambarere tjokaruru (Tale of the Ghost)
Kirill Serebrennikov reading Joseph Brodsky, “Italy”
Electra Hallman reading Tove Jansson, "Who will comfort Toffle”
Marie Jung reading Elvis Presley, „Suspicious Minds“
Giacomo Veronesi reading „Leopardi A Silva“
Barbara Nüsse reads from "Schwarzer Orpheus"

„Ich Hab' Dir Ein Lied Gesponnen“ by Léopold Sédar Senghor
„Ohnmacht“ by Mabel Imoukhuede
„Himmelfahrt“ by Basil McFarlane

Electra Hallman reading William Shakespeare, "Sonett 116”
Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson recites Steinn Steinarr, „Außerhalb des Kreises"
Nino Haratischwili reciting Marina Zwetajewa "Ich hab Bettler, Diebe, Bucklige geküßt"
Otja Henock Kambaekua tells "Our Land"
Julian Greis reading Paul Celan, "Corona"
Franziska Hartmann singing Friedrich Rückert, “Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen”
Rudolf Schimming reading a poem, „Love“
Aleksandra Mamkaeva reading Alexander Puschkin "The Captive"