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Thalia International Collective

Collective | All Das |
- a theatre troupe under the roof of the Thalia Theater, formed by people living in Hamburg - for a short, or a long time, always, or every now and again. We understand art as something that is created in between people and that exists far from frames of definition. Something outside the box. How does one open a box. How does one close it? Can people simply put art in boxes? Can it all breathe?


| All Das | is:

a mirror of this society.

a voice without a foreign-determined identity.

more than origin, heritage, religion and exile.

It is about existence, language, bodies.

Melodies, motion and uniting.



by and with


Nail Doğan


Samieh Jabbarin
Sophie Pahlke Luz


Artistic Director

Mohammed Ghunaim


Howard Bridges
Florian Ding
Peter Knoblauch
Nicholas Morales
Thomas Yang de Pfeiffer


Solomia Kushnir
Shahin Sheikho
Nil Tülüfülükülümülü


Natsuki Utsunomiya
Pascal Schmidt


David Sinkemat


Funded by