Fund for Cultures of the New Urban Society

 360° Initiative


In June 2019, Thalia joined the Federal Cultural Foundation’s subsidy programme ‘360° - Funds for Culture in a new Urban Society’, pledging to better represent Hamburg’s cultural diversity both on stage and behind the scenes.


In Autumn 2021, as part of the Neighbourhood Festival, we will create performances that help us listen more closely to the Altona district, taking a closer look and opening up conversations. Generation-spanning, multi-lingual theatre workshops and interactive storytelling projects will take place around Thalia Gaußstraße. Perspectives shared by Hamburg neighbourhoods are at the heart of this cultural exchange.


The Nachtasyl bar hosts a new evening of artistic discourse as part of the 360° programme. Now Salon Tülüfülükülümülü regularly creates art here based on important topics in our society. 


Thalia intends to break down barriers and combat structural exclusion. So the following plays in the repertoire will now be shown with surtitles: The Miser, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet (Turkish), Goat’s cheese in matchboxes (Turkish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Russian, English) and The Books of Jacob (Polish) will soon follow.


In targeted, internal workshops we are trying to spark conversation around themes of cultural diversity. We would like to work together to strengthen Thalia’s position as an open space for everybody.


If you’d like to take a closer look at the changes we’re making, and the work Thalia is doing to improve diversity, or if you have any suggestions or questions, please email us at: vielfalt@thalia-theater.de.


Your diversity team, 

Mohammed Ghunaim and Sophie Pahlke Luz


nts for Diversity

Current projects 360°

Gazino Al

By İdil Üner / Directed by İdil Üner


or the art of not waking up alley cats

on Tülüfül

Dear audience, all of you,


We need art

/ of / quite different varieties


Once a month, Nil Tülüfülükülümülü (Nail Doğan) invites two creative, musical, literary or political minds to Thalia. Under our roof, in the Nachtasyl bar, we create an evening where art is made, talked about, thought about, played, sung – and everything in between. In between discourse and cherry blossom. Between melodies and letters. Human thoughts are demonstrated, performed and discussed. Because people need to understand each other. And soon. Every last Thursday of the month since 25th March. From the Nachtasyl bar. Live streamed. Directly into your living room.


Welcome to the

Salon Tülüfülükülümülü

e in Streichhol

by Nail Doğan, Kollektiv |All Das|
optinally with russian, ukrainian, turkish, arabic or entlish subtitles
April 18th, 7pm (stream available until midnight)

| All D
as |

Thalia International Collective

Thalia Internati
onal | Surtitles

Thalia Theater regularily presents shows with surtitles. At present the repertory offers English and Turkish surtitles.
Click here for more information.

Thalia in Tu
Thalia T

Gelecekte Thalia Tiyatrosu düzenli aralıklarla Türkçe üst yazılı olarak tiyatro eserleri sahneleyecek.
Thalia auf türkisch – in Zukunft wird das Thalia Theater regelmäßig türkisch übertitelte Produktionen zeigen.

Here you find more information


rhoodş – Ko

A transcultural festival
28th Oktober to 7th November, Thalia Gauß

Behind t
he Street

Behind the Street is the title of a new urban art exhibition, which moves to a new location every two months and presents different themes and new projects, created by artists in exile in order to create cultural diversity, equality and justice in a diverse society.