Ziegenkäse in Streichholzschachteln

Goat Che
ese in Matchboxes

by Nail Doğan / Directed by Samieh Jabbarin / Kollektiv | All Das | / All Lab - Embassy of Hope


Nail Doğan

Solomia Kushnir

Shahin Sheikho

Marina Wandruszka



Nicholas Morales

Howard Bridges

Thomas Yang

Samieh Jabbarin


Nail Doğan



Max Schlehuber



David Sinkemat



Ben Nobiling



Natsuki Utsunomiya


Künstlerische Leitung
Mohammed (Ziko) Ghunaim
Celia Hofmann
Elvin İlhan
Künstlerische Mitarbeit
Sophie Pahlke Luz
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Collective | All Das | - a theatre troupe under the roof of the Thalia Theater, formed by people living in Hamburg - for a short, or a long time, always, or every now and again.



Our new themes: no exile, no domestic homeland, no philosophised heritage, no sentimental identity or any seriousness. "Goat Cheese in Matchboxes" is about the relationship between people and that exists far from frames of definition. Something outside the box. How does one open a box? How does one close it? Can people simply put watermelons in boxes? Can it all breathe?


''You could miraculously fly... and if you want, you could even land. Even arrive. Or remain. The opposite has gone...'' N. Doğan


A live concert by Rasha Nahas will follow the Theatre piece.

Duration 0:50h, without intermission


Premiere 18th October 2020, Thalia Gauss


Funded by

The Turkish surtitles for The Miser, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet , as well as the Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Arabic and English subtitles of Ziegenkäse in Streichholzschachteln, are financed by the program 360° - Fund for Cultures of the New Urban Society.


Foto: Sven MalkeFoto: Sven MalkeFoto: Sven MalkeFoto: Sven Malke

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The cooperation is valid until 6th June 2022.