“How do those unforgettable lines go again...”

“How do those unf
orgettable lines
go again...”

A musical evening created by and starring Karin Neuhäuser / Philipp Haagen
Foto: Fabian HammerlFoto: Fabian HammerlFoto: Fabian HammerlFoto: Fabian HammerlFoto: Fabian HammerlFoto: Fabian Hammerl

Amid the lounge atmosphere in the newly refurbished foyer of Gaußstraße, Karin Neuhäuser reflects on growing old, accompanied by musician Philipp Haagen. An actress, a former Grande Dame, a singer, a faded diva? Little by little, a fictional artist biography unfolds, consisting of lots of different roles such as Arkadina in Chekhov’s ‘The Seagull’, Gretel or Laclos’ plotter Merteuil, and of different chapters of one’s life. A true invented life, created from voices, poems newly set to music, old and new songs: Karin Neuhäuser and Philipp Haagen play and sing songs and music ranging from blues to pop, chansons to German songs. Remembering always means lying, that’s what American novelist William Maxwell believes. But don’t we all write our own script, when we look back on who we are? An evening about a woman in a bar, who sings when talking doesn’t help and who smiles when crying is not enough...


Premiere 4th March 2011, Thalia Gauß (Ballsaal)

On Tour

10th March 2013

Theater Lindau, Germany