Voices of Europe

Voices of E

Voices of Europe – Visions for a Theatre of the Future

Idea & Conversations
Joachim Lux


Editorial Team
Nora Hertlein, Maren Dey, Emilia HeinrichJulia Lochte


Production Management
Christian Persico 


Luca Kowalinski, Johanna Wölfing


Benedikt Kohlmann


Video Editing
Luca Kowalinski



Mattias Andersson
Simon McBurney
Guy Cassiers
Marina Davydova
Ivo van Hove
Grzegorz Jarzyna
Mateja Koležnik
Joachim Lux
Caroline Guiela Nguyen
Thomas Ostermeier
Emma Rice
Christopher Rüping
Kirill Serebrennikov
Simon Stephens


A new beginning. Many artists and cultural institutions view the interruption of high-speed, routine practices as a novel opportunity. This shows the readiness to start a new chapter in Europe. For, at the moment, European cultural exchange is limited to the digital realm. The very existence of art and culture is being thrown into question – threatened, and even exposed to great political pressure in some Eastern European countries.

As part of the streamed, digital Lessingtage Festival 2021: Stories from Europe, we are gathering voices from influential European artists that offer insights into their forward-thinking work, as well as their visions of art’s value in our collective future. What does the current caesura mean for the autonomy and progressive nature of art? How does it position itself between the not-yet and no-more of our political and social structures? How can theater survive the radical digital sea-change, and productively coopt this shift for the better? What can it do to counter societal division, the destruction of nature, and the isolation of individuals? How can we collectively re-think theatrical Europe and offer each other support?

The result is a panorama of very subjective and personal „Voices of Europe“, which will be broadcast at the beginning of the festival – some of Europe’s most interesting artists talk about their vision of a theatre of the future.


In English


January 21st, 2021, 7pm on thalia-theater.de/en/lessingtage