Una [One Woman]

Una [One W

Una [One Woman] / Una / by Raquel Cors and Dani Lacasa / Directed by Raquel Cors

Raquel Cors


Aissistant Director
Carlota Grau 


Set Design
Lola Belles


Light Design
Aba Rovira


Costume Design
Patricia Albizu, Alejandra Lorenzol


Sound design 
Pau Matas Nogué


Mireia Tejero


Dani Lacasa


Raquel Cors, Dani Lacasa


Eva Lyberten, Dani Lacasa


Off Voices
Elena Córdoba, Núri Lloansi, Isabel Rojas


Evy Lyberten
Dani Lacasa

The young director Raquel Cors was fascinated from the start by the true story of Eva Lyberten, an icon of Spanish softcore film in the 1970s and 1980s. For years she had tried to track down the actress who had meanwhile completely disappeared from the scene. UNA is now bringing her to the stage in person, in a sensitive exploration of her biography and her relationship with Franco-Spain.


Eva Lyberten is appearing on stage to tell us her story. Now 60 years old, she shares her past with the audience, narrating the story recounted by the images of her that still survive: her erotic films. Identity, desire and fiction is analysed through her films from the 1970s, the period when Spain was beginning to open up.

This piece hovers between documentary and fiction and reflects on the erotic image projected in the female body, on how we believe and how we look at these images – both public and more private ones – and on the tensions between the individual and collective spheres, desire and fiction, and sexual icons and women. It is a study of looking and being looked at, of what is visible and what stubbornly refuses to be seen.

Una [One Woman] is a product of the Empremta (Imprint) Project of the Teatre Lliure, a theatrical transferral between Carlota Subirós and Raquel Cors.


Teatre Lliure, Barcelona, Spain, Premiere 2020

in Spanish with English subtitles


duration 1:00h



January 28th, 2021, 7pm (available until midnight) on thalia-theater.de/en/lessingtage

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