State of Affairs

State of A

A new project by Yael Ronen / directed by Yael Ronen / world premiere
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Will everything now stay as it is, or will some things end?
Every crisis shows that life is defined by fundamental uncertainties and contradictory realities. Perhaps it is for this reason that a short term cancellation of normality is so difficult to bear, because its long term consequences can barely be seen at this point. What comes after the exceptional situation of ‘State of Emergency’?
‘State of Affairs’ is a direct artistic examination of the situation we, as a society, will find ourselves in at the beginning of rehearsals in November – above all it asks how the ‘state of relationships’ will be cultivated afterwards. Interpersonal and political: what does it look like, this new closeness? Is there a collective ‘we’ and what connects ‘us’ within a Europe that wears itself down, between solidarity, openness and differentiation.
Israeli director and writer Yael Ronen is renowned for her original and humorous productions based on current controversies. State of Affairs follows her first production at Thalia, ‘(R)Evolution. A survival guide for the 21st century’. In it she continues her research into the challenges soon to be faced by human civilisation.

A co-production with the Maxim Gorki Theatre in Berlin

World premiere January 2021, Thalia Theater