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60 years of recruitment – who has settled here?
Dr. Reyhan Şahin (© Carlos Fernandez), Cem Özdemir (© Sedat Mehder), Özlem Gezer (© Odile Hain), Özlem Topçu (© Thies Rätzke)

Cem Özdemir (Die Grünen)

Dr. Reyhan Şahin (Sprach- und Rassismusforscherin)


Özlem Gezer
Özlem Topçu

60 years of recruitment – who has settled here?


The first guest workers from that time are now comfortably into their well-earned retirement, living in Germany – where most of their children and grandchildren are living – or they have returned to their original homeland. How has this change of homeland affected their life stories? And how has it affected Germany’s story? 60 years on from the first generation of immigrants, which of them has made their home in Germany? And which of their descendants would say: Of course, I am GERMAN!


This question, and others, will form the basis of the discussion between Green politician Cem Özdemir, linguist and racism researcher Dr. Reyhan Şahin alias “Lady Bitch Ray“, SPIEGEL editor Özlem Gezer and Özlem Topçu.


31st October 2021, 11am, Thalia Theater


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