Right you are (if you think so) / Così è (se vi pare)

Right yo
u are

Right you are (if you think so) / Così è (se vi pare) / by Luigi Pirandello / Directed by Filippo Dini

Filippo Dini


Assistant Director
Carlo Orlando


Stage Desgin
Laura Benzi   


Light Design
Pasquael Mari


Costume Design
Andrea Viotti, Eleonora Bruno


Sound Design
Arturo Annecchino


Francesca Agostini
Mauro Bernardi
Andrea Di Casa
Filippo Dini
Ilaria Falini
Mariangela Granelli
Orietta Notari
Carlo Orlando
Maria Paiato
Nicola Pannelli
Benedetta Parisi
Giampiero Rappa

"Right you are" is one of Italy's most successful contemporary productions abroad, and was performed with great success in China as the first play by Pirandello presented in Italian. The actor and director Filippo Dini turns the comedy into a grotesque thriller, which once founded Pirandello's success as a playwright. Dini has received numerous awards for his productions, including Le Maschere del Teatro Italiano 2019 for “Right you are”.


One of the most acclaimed editions of Pirandello's comedy makes a comeback with Filippo Dini, Maria Paiato, Andrea Di Casa, Mariangela Granelli, Nicola Pannelli in the cast of this thriller, an investigation set in a meddlesome, lower middle-class milieu, with an ambiguous family that has just moved to a provincial town. Despite being taken in hand by the authorities, it is no easy matter to unravel the mystery.


Teatro Stabile Torino - National Theatre, Italy, Premiere 2018

in Italian with English subtitles


duration 2:00h


January 25th, 2021, 7pm (available until midnight) on thalia-theater.de/en/lessingtage

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