Shockheaded Peter

eaded P

Junk Opera by the Tiger Lillies, Julian Crouch & Phelim McDermott / directed by Peter Jordan and Leonhard Koppelmann

Anyone who doesn’t want to listen must feel things! The children from the world of ‘Shockheaded Peter’, like Soup Kaspar, Fidgety Philipp and Hans Look-in-the air, don’t want to obey – they reject authority and refuse to conform in the way that is expected of them. Cast out and displaced, they live cramped up somewhere away from society: There they are left to their own devices. Between anarchy and self-discipline, they educate each other – but who actually decides what’s right and wrong here?

In strange and surreal worlds of pictures and music, the Thalia ensemble shocks the good and the honest among us. Wandering between slapstick and the grotesque, they tell horror stories about the unkempt one with the long fingernails. And the music is live – arranged in an obliquely macabre style by the British band ‘Tiger Lillies’ – flicking between punk, art music, Vaudeville, Blues and falsetto.


Following their production of ‘The Three Musketeers’ in the Thalia tent, directing duo Leonhard Koppelmann and Peter Jordan are back, with their second production on the main stage at Thalia. Theatre, film and TV actor Peter Jordan also starred on the Thalia stage almost 20 years ago in, ‘Thalia Vista Social Club’.


Premiere 30th December 2020, Thalia Theater

Foto: Fabian Hammerl