Salon Tülüfülükülümülü


Salon Tülüfülükülümülü / Vol. III kedi oder gedichtetes
Künstlerische Leitung
Mohammed (Ziko) Ghunaim


N. Doğan


MIT und von

Razan Sabagh


Nil Tülüfülükülümülü



Yilmaz Sülün

Peter Knoblauch

Karl Kindermann


Salon DJ

Mighty Howard



Lena Katharina Krause

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Dear audience, all of you,


We need art


/of / quite different varieties


Once a month, Nil Tülüfülükülümülü (Nail Doğan) invites two creative, musical, literary or political minds to Thalia. Under our roof, in the Nachtasyl bar, we are creating an evening where art will be made, talked about, thought about, played, sung – and everything in between. In between discourse and cherry blossom. Between melodies and letters. Human thoughts demonstrated, performed and discussed. Because people need to understand each other. And soon. Every last Thursday of the month. Starting on the 25th March. From the Nachtasyl bar. Live streamed. Directly into your living room.


A warm welcome to the


Salon Tülüfülükülümülü


The last Thursday of every month, starting 25.3.2021 at the Nachtasyl bar. 


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