Reverse Colonialism!

Reverse Col

by Ahilan Ratnamohan & Star Boy Collective
Trailer Reverse Colonialism!

Ahilan Ratnamohan


Ahilan Ratnamohan, Etuwe Bright Junior, Aloys Kwaakum, Lateef Babatunde


Etuwe Bright Junior, Aloys Kwaakum, Lateef Babatunde


media artist/dramaturgy
Frederick Rodrigues


original dramaturgy
Kristof Persyn


Hanne Dick

In this charged, political performance, three Africans living in Belgium attempt to solve the complex migration­integration dilemma. Their answer? A new country for African-­Europeans and European-­Africans, where they themselves determine the norms. The performers introduce their ideas to their new promised land to the audience, discussing and debating them before it is left to the audience to vote.

Instead of dwelling on the glass ceiling for African immigrants in Europe, the performance boldly proposes a utopian future. What will it be: “Africa United” or “New Africa”?




Guest Performance A Cultured Left Foot , Belgium
A Monty Produktion

With financial support from the Region and the City of Antwerp.


In German and English with German translation


Duration 1:20h

24th and 25th January 2020, Thalia Gauß

24th and 25th January after the performance:

Nora Hertlein (International Programmer Thalia Theater) talking to Ahilan Ratnamohan & Ensemble

Africologne / Foto: Marie KoehlerMonty Kultuurfaktorij / Foto: Denis Van LaekenAfricologne / Foto: Marie Koehler