Guest play Poor/Rich Europe Directed by Volker Lösch German premiere

Experience of social divisions in Europe – a documentary theatre project on precarious living and working conditions in Europe. With drama students from Brussels, Helsinki, Ljubljana, Maastricht, Munich, Oslo, Riga, Salzburg and Warsaw.

Europe is one of the wealthiest regions in the world. However current statistics reveal the increasing divide between capital growth and individual living circumstances. Precarious working conditions, low salaries, increasing rents and decreasing pensions are creating a feeling of insecurity and fear. In fact, one in seven Europeans is currently at risk of poverty. The growing gulf between rich and poor is one of the greatest challenges for European democracies.
Documentary theatre project, ‘Poor/Rich Europe’ examines social tensions and divides in everyday life, and in the direct urban environments of the participating drama students. What does the concrete every day experience look like, how is the way people live, eat and work dependent on their economic status? How do you get around ownership – in particular in the context of differing historical experiences in East and West, North and South Europe?
Students from nine European theatre schools undertake field research in their direct surroundings. From their research they present a panorama of European inequality, told by many different voices.
Production: Platform European Theatre Academies (PLETA) and the Mozarteum University in Salzburg – Thomas-Bernhard-Institute. PLETA, founded in 2015, is a platform for international and trans-cultural co-creation. Eight European theatre schools have brought this to life to offer young theatre makers new experiences of collaboration.

Thalia Gauß 11. November