Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Lon

Pippi Longstocking Family play for ages 8+ / by Astrid Lindgren / directed by Jette Steckel
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“We have never tried it before, so it’s sure to go well!”

When Tommy and Annika meet Pippi Longstocking they learn to see the world through different eyes. Pippi has a suitcase full of gold, as well as her horse, ‘Little Uncle’ and her monkey, ‘Mr Nilsson’ – she is also one of the strongest little girls you could ever meet, and she does what she likes. Pippi Longstocking has become a cult figure and role model for many children and adults. For the past 75 years she has embodied inner strength, the desire not to conform and, above all else, freedom. Her creator Astrid Lindgren once said: “Freedom means being able to express your opinions and not being forced to do things the way other people do.” Of course Pippi lives according to her own rules, but despite that she doesn’t want to offend anyone. Free spirits, innovators and social cohesion – things that, in these times, we perhaps need more than ever? Fundamentally it’s a case of dreams versus reality! Anyone who reinterprets the world is also in a position to change it.

Jette Steckel is staging these stories of a unique heroine and her friends as a fantastical journey for all of us: “I invite everyone to join me, big or small, trallalala”


incl Lyrics by Anna Bauer, Carl Hegemann, Inga Humpe (2raumwohnung), Ben Pavlidis (Ohrbooten)  


Duration 1:50h, without intermission

Premiere 6th June 2021, Thalia Theater