Performing Embassy of Hope

g Embassy
of Hope

Directed by Gernot Grünewald / World premiere
Michael Köpke
Susanne Meister
Jonas Plümke
Ziad Khawam (Kanun)

In a theatrical experiment, ‘Performing Embassy of Hope’ brings together the political speeches delivered by our elected representatives in the Bundestag with the every day realities of those directly affected by their words: the visitors to the international ‘Embassy of Hope’ café, where, since November 2015, refugees, theatre folk and Altona residents learn German, make music and build new friendships.


World Premiere 19th January 2018, Thalia Gauß

Foto: Krafft AngererFoto: Krafft AngererFoto. Krafft AngererFoto: Krafft AngererFoto: Krafft Angerer