Paradise buildings

Paradise bui

By Peter Thiers / Directed by Peter Thiers / World premiere / Young Directors
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The pressure on Theo Baldachin is mounting: time is running out for the once celebrated estate agent. He used to have a reputation for taking a hopeless property and finding a buyer in record time, but now Baldachin is waiting within the cold walls of a former garage, hoping to find someone who will rent it. But who wants to move into a garage? His employer, the real estate group Paradise, gives the stricken agent an ultimatum: either Baldachin succeeds in renting out the ramshackle flat, or he will have to resign. Baldachin is hoping that the housing shortage will play into his hands, but it turns out those looking for accommodation are forging their own plans.


A place to live is a fundamental part of our existence – on a level with nutrition, water, clothing, employment and medical care. How do people react when they are deprived of their livelihood? How far are they prepared to go? In the Thalia Garage in Ottensen, a hotspot of the Hamburg housing market, writer and director Peter Thiers explores what it means when living space in the city becomes a bargaining chip.
Peter Thiers won the Kleist Prize for emerging playwrights, for his debut ‘Waiting for the Storm’. He is now preparing for the world premiere of “Paradise buildings” as part of the Young Directors series.



World premiere Thalia Gaußstraße (Garage), September 2020


Uraufführung, Thalia Gauß (Garage)