flood/hunger/play / by Thomas Köck / directed by Christopher Rüping
Foto: Armin Smailovic

A high speed train races through Europe at a relentless pace. Images whizz past the window: exploitation and self-exploitation in an era of capitalism. Thomas Köck collects and collages scenes of crises, misjudgements, experiences of failure and paranoia, which define everyday life. The way in which a virus can corrode everything and make us question it all: two children wearing face masks and protective clothing stand outside the door of their father’s hospital room. The Amazon rubber boom of the 19th century impacts the fate of a dancer today. She practices the capitalist logic of self-optimisation in a crazy way. In China, a man and a woman are on their way to the border to enter Italy as illegal immigrants, where they find the same working conditions they had at home: ‘Made in Italy’. A war reporter is stranded in a luxury hotel in the desert. A woman leaves her flat and travels out of the city to the margins of society, where she was brought up. Outside, on the street, it smells of tear gas. Water cannons arrive.


Christopher Rüping, who adapted Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barres’ ‘Panic Heart’ for the stage at Thalia, now gives us his production of ‘Paradise’, a condensed version of Thomas Köck’s ‘Climate Trilogy’. Most recently, dramatist Thomas Köck joined forces with Elsa-Sophie Jach to stage his play, ‘third republic’ at Thalia. He has received many awards for his work, including the Mülheim Dramatists Prize in both 2018 and 2019.


Premiere 5th September 2020, Thalia Theater