Oedipus Rex

Oedipus R

by Sophokles / directed by Nicolas Stemann / with Alicia Aum├╝ller and Patrycia Zi├│lkowska

Director, stage design, Music

Nicolas Stemann


associate stage design

Selina Puorger


Lighting design

Carsten Schmidt



Marysol del Castillo

Dorothea Knorr



Benjamin von Blomberg


Patrycia Ziólkowska

Alicia Aumüller 

Long before Sigmund Freud diagnosed humanity with an Oedipus complex, the story of Oedipus was deeply embedded in the West’s collective memory: the son kills his father, marries his mother, becomes aware of his plight and then blinds himself. Sophocles’ telling of the myth, Oedipus Rex, begins with a plague that is ravaging the city of Thebes. Drought, famine and infertility threaten to destroy Oedipus’ kingdom, and the city clamours to know who is to blame.

Oedipus Rex is the story of a man who wants to do his duty as king. But he leaves his city and his daughters Ismene and Antigone not with clarity but with destruction, pain, suffering, profound sorrow – and anger. The ancient Greek tragedy has been reworked into an exciting new version featuring just two actors, Alicia Aumüller and Patrycia Ziólkowska (former members of the Thalia Theater ensemble). It is a family drama about complicity, self-knowledge, doubtful salvation and the hope of escape. The director is Nicolas Stemann, who will be familiar to Thalia Theater audiences from many previous productions and is now returning to Hamburg for the first time in years.


Guest perfomance Schauspielhaus Zurich, Switzerland

Germany premiere
Admission € 16 - 79
Duration 1:45h, no intermission

In German


On the 5th February afterwards:
Maike Schiller (journalist of local newspaper "Hamburger Abendblatt") in a conversation with Nicolas Stemann and the ensemble

Foto: Philip Frowein / Zeichnung: Stefan MarxFoto: Philip FroweinFoto: Philip FroweinFoto: Philip FroweinFoto: Philip Frowein