Christmas at the Helmers’


Nora – Christmas at the Helmer’s / Nóra – karácsony Helmeréknél / by Henrik Ibsen / Directed by Kriszta Székely

Kriszta Székely


Set Design 
Juli Balázs


Light Design
József Pető


Costume Design
Fruzsina Nagy


Flóra Matisz


András Himmler, Álmos Szalai


Ármin Szabó-Székely


Eszter Ónodi (Nora)
Ernő Fekete (Helmer)
Tamás Keresztes (Krogstad)
Gergely Kocsis (Rank)
Réka Pelsőczy (Kristine)


Zorka Varga, Koppány Varga, Emil Engárd (Noras's children)

Marriage equality has been a matter of course in most European countries for decades. In Hungary in particular, however, the government under Viktor Orbán is increasingly striving to destroy the achievements of the emancipation movement by proclaiming very conservative family views again. Ibsen’s classic “A Doll's House” is therefore highly relevant in a political context in 2021, staged by the young director Kriszta Székely.


A family is falling apart on stage. At such points of crisis there are no good or bad, there are just opposing intentions, unfulfilled needs and a lot of repression. In the story of Nora and Helmer’s marriage, besides the overwhelming restrictions that the pre-set roles of a marriage entail, lack of self-knowledge and the lack of freedom is what leads to divorce.

The set of problems that Ibsen’s play deals with, especially the situation of women, has changed a lot in most part of Europe. However, when something changes in the legal sense, it does not necessarily affect society immediately. An idea suddenly gives start to a progress, but human behaviour changes at a slower pace. The way people think, feel and make decisions may follow similar patterns as 140 years before.


Young director of the Katona József Theatre Kriszta Székely won the Hungarian Theatre Critics’ Award in 2017 (‘best actress in a leading role’ for Eszter Ónodi and ‘most promising young talent’ for Székely) for this rewritten version of A Doll’s House. It was her debut work after graduating from University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest. #freeszfe


Katona József Theatre, Budapest, Hungary, Premiere 2016

in Hungarian with English subtitles


duration 1:40h


January 31st, 2021, 7pm (available until midnight) on

LT2021 Nora - Weihnachten bei Helmers - Katona József Színház - Bonusmaterial
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