Mo Fei

Mo F

after Shi Tieshengs „About a Play Which Uses a Film as Its Backdrop“ / Guest Performance / Directed by Krystian Lupa / Thalia International
Trailer Mo Fei
Direction, Set & Light Design
Krystian Lupa


Krystian Lupa and acting ensemble


Costume Design

Piotr Skiba



Lukasz Twarkowski, Jakub Lech



Bogumił Misala



Joanna Krenz, Qian Zhang



The drinker and unsuccessful writer Mo Fei lives on a park bench, where, with the help of alcohol, he loses himself in images, thoughts and dreams of the past and the future. He thinks back to his parents’ dysfunctional marriage and his own failed relationship, he encounters himself as a child and sees a vision of his own tragic death: just like the author Shi Tiesheng, Mo Fei’s body is only discovered a week after his death.


“Mo Fei” is an extraordinary, poetic confrontation of topics rarely mentioned in China, including disability, addiction and depression. Legendary Polish director Krystian Lupa is famous for his deeply psychological productions, in which the actors lose themselves in their roles. He is working on this exceptional production with an outstanding Chinese ensemble, led by wellknown film actor Wang Xuebing.


People’s Republic of China

June 6 & 7, 2020, Thalia Theater
Duration: 4h 15min incl. intermissions

In Chinese with German surtitles


Produced by Propel Performing Arts & Media Co.,Ltd
In collaboration with Theater der Welt 2020, Düsseldorf


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Foto: Cheng QianFoto: Cheng QianFoto: Cheng QianFoto: Cheng Qian