Measure for Measure

Measure f
or Measu

in a new translation & adaptation by Thomas Melle / directed by Stefan Pucher
Making Of
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‘A monarch, weary of the responsibilities of his office, surrenders power without giving it up, watching what is going on while disguised as a monk. But the social experiment quickly goes wrong when the ‘Swedish Breath’ begins to rage. How do lust and power play out under these circumstances? Who sets the ban on contact, who uses it, and above all, as the grumblers soon start to ask themselves: who is benefitting from this? Cui bono, cuius vox? Who denies their sexuality and who exercises it all the harder and more power hungry? And to whom did I once again promise their life yesterday? – “A great man once said, everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power.”’

- Thomas Melle


Is everything right, just because it is law? Does common law create new rights? How do you ensure justice? And where is self-righteousness misaligned with a true sense of justice? Must a fair state be strong in order to protect the civil liberties of a liberal society?
Director Stefan Pucher stages Shakespeare’s black comedy ‘Measure for Measure’ in a free adaptation by the writer and dramatist Thomas Melle (‘The World at Your Back’), who is dragging the play out of the Elizabethan era, right into the 21st century for Thalia.


duration: 1:40h

Premiere 2nd October 2020, Thalia Theater