Les Bonnes/Die Zofen

Les Bonn
es/Die Zof

Les Bonnes/Die Zofen from Jean Genet Regie Souleymane Sow

Claire and Solange are housemaids to the Madame.   

In her absence, they carry out a role-playing game in which they strangle their mistress. These two humiliated and oppressed women dare to demonstrate power and rehearse an uprising: the female chutzpah with which the maids of the Dumanlé company are portrayed is humorous and disturbing, making a reversal of circumstances seem possible in the audience’s minds. The women take the floor as a metaphor for a post-colonialist and feminist emancipation in Africa that points to global power relations far beyond the African continent.

20. and 21. January 2019, Thalia Gaußstraße

In French with German surtitles