Krum. A play with t
wo weddings and t
wo funerals

by Hanoch Levin / translated from the Hebrew by Leanne Raday and Frank Weigand / directed by Kornél Mundruczó
Making Of

“Going abroad was a waste of time, mum! I earned no money, I didn’t get engaged and I made no friends. There’s nothing in my suitcase except dirty underwear.”

 So begins ‘Krum’. The eponymous anti-hero returns home after a long time away. Home to where his best friend Tugati is still desperate to get married before, as he puts it, his imminent death, which he likes to advertise. And where the woman he loves, Truda is now established in the drudgery of everyday life with the man she settled for. With Beckett-esque humour and Jewish wit, all of them are wrestling with the notions of love and happiness. Trapped by their own inertia, they are all haunted by the same question: Why do we constantly miss out on what was meant for us, our better life? Why does everything feel like a lame party that has started too early? But where you would still prefer to get stuck than face up to tomorrow.


Kornél Mundruczó is one of the most important Hungarian directors in contemporary theatre and film. He is founder of the independent hungarian company „Proton Theatre“. He has enjoyed success around the world, and his work has been honoured with countless awards. His most recent film, ‘Pieces of a Woman’ has Martin Scorsese on board as executive producer and celebrated its premiere at the 2020 Venice International Film Festival, where it was nominated for a Golden Lion, among other awards. Following his high profile production of the Molnár classic, ‘Liliom’ at Thalia, Mundruczó is now staging his latest discovery: the German language premiere of ‘Krum’ by Hanoch Levin, a star of the contemporary drama scene in Israel.


premiere in Oktober 2021, thalia theatre