Talk with Alan Gilbert at Nachtasyl
Foto: Peter Hundert, NDRFoto: NDR, Thorsten Jander
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NDR’s new discussion series brings guests from different specialisms together with Alan Gilbert, the new principal conductor of the NDR Elbphilharmonie orchestra. Themes will include culture and society, making music in a world that’s constantly changing, and also current events from the vicinity and inner circle of the Elbphilharmonie orchestra. There will also be live music and Thalia actors will join the party in unusual performances.
Surprises are planned, no questions asked: the Nachtasyl offers the perfect setting for spontaneous exchanges and will now, for the first time, be used as the venue for a NDR discussion series. Moderated by Susanne Stichler.

This event series is taking place thanks to the support of NDR.


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