Gazino Altınova

Gazino Al

By İdil Üner / Directed by İdil Üner
Foto: Fabian HammerlFoto: Fabian HammerlFoto: Fabian HammerlFoto: Fabian HammerlFoto: Fabian HammerlFoto: Fabian HammerlFoto: Fabian Hammerl
Idil Üner
Hanna Krümpfer
Elvin İlhan
Ayșe Glass
Head of Production
Christian Persico
Idil Üner
Tilo Werner
Ayșe Glass

Our ‘Gazino Altınova’ directed by İdil Üner has moved into the ballroom at Thalia Gaußstraße, into a magical, musical location. And the audience is invited to come with us on a journey through time, through the years before and after the arrival of the first generation of so-called ‘Guest workers’ in their new ‘homeland’ of Germany.

Experiences and memories are evoked by the music that was playing at the time. In this retrospective, ‘Gazino Altınova’ tries to capture our past and present, and even our future. The evening is based on the questions: “What music were you listening to at the time you arrived in Germany?” and “Which music made you happy and which songs allayed your homesickness?”


Duration 1:15h, without intermission

Premiere 28th October 2021, Thalia Gauß (Ballroom)

Funded by

COOPERATION WITH THE MUSEUM für Hamburgische Geschichte


On presentation of your ticket for the exhibition Wir sind von hier from the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte at our box office you will receive two tickets for the price of one for the play Gazino Altınova and others.


Or show your Thalia ticket at the museum and get 2 for 1 for the exhibition.


The cooperation is valid until 6th June 2022.

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