Distant and Detached

Distant a
nd Detached

An open-air art installation by and with school students


Herbert Enge

Anne Katrin Klinge

Nora Hertlein


Nadin Schumacher

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We live in an age when social and political views are becoming more and more entrenched. So for the Lessingtage 2023, school students have been working on an art installation that embraces new ideas and unconventional perspectives. Up to a thousand students from Hamburg and the metropolitan region have taken a fresh look at their own day-to-day lives and the state of politics and society today. What things or people feel close and relevant to their lives, and why? Which public figures, which views and opinions, which sports, which music? ­And which do they feel no attachment to whatsoever? What things and people feel distant and disconnected from their world? And why exactly? The young people have articulated new perspectives on a whole range of topics: ‘German angst’ ­­– Russia, Putin and the war – indigenous peoples in the Amazon and their way of life – right-wing vs left-wing politics – meat-eaters vs vegans – vintage vs designer fashion – rescuing wild animals vs keeping them in captivity – rebellious anger vs respecting authority. Their personal artistic responses to these topics and many more are being combined into a single art installation that will be exhibited at Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz outside the Thalia Theater.

23rd January – 12th February


25. January, 12 AM

Eintritt frei


Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz beim Thalia Theater