Fuck your ego!

Fuck y

by Anton Makarenko / directed by Tiit Ojasoo, Ene-Liis Semper / world premiere
Trailer Fuck your ego!

Social utopias normally remain utopias. They do not become realities. Or they end up as the feeble whinges of intellectuals – ideas that capitalists can only laugh about. But occasionally the world changes. Like, for example, Russia in the early 1920s, at the time of the Russian avant-garde, when society and art transformed from the ground up. Russian pedagogue and writer, Anton Makarenko, gave himself the task of making ‘new people’ of young criminals. He led a colony in which the spirit of Rousseau and Pestalozzi, Tolstoy and Gorki became the basis of a new form of community. His utopia became a reality. Makarenko believed in the collective, in which any egotism would be prevented, with violence if necessary.


We live in a time in which democracy, in its current form, is being scrutinised. We need new forms. New people. We go to the barricades with a prayer on our lips: ‘Give us hope!’ ‘Fuck your ego!’ is the first production that internationally celebrated Estonian team of directors, Tiit Ojasoo and Ene-Liis Semper staged in Germany, and they bring Makarenko’s violent and controversial, ideological and harsh social poem to the stage, asking more questions in the process.

World premiere 26th April 2012, Thalia Gauß