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Ermunterungen zum Vergnügen des Gemüts
Zeichnung: Stefan Marx

As a young man, Lessing wrote songs and poems in a style that goes back to Ancient Greek lyrics, shining a light on the joy in his life. It is well known that during his time in Hamburg he tried to enjoy life to the max. He visited guest houses and coffee shops and was a welcome guest at middle class gatherings and literary tea parties. Yet his life was full of financial worries, setbacks and personal tragedy. We stroll through the city looking for traces of the lost convivial spots of 18th century Hamburg. Lessing will accompany us through his poetry, and we will discover the composer Georg Philip Telemann, as well as the poets Bartold Hinrich Brockes and Friedrich von Hagedorn, who also saw the reinvigoration of art, and a new literary expression of the Enlightenment.


22nd and 29th January, 11 am as well as 5th February 2022, 2 pm

Meeting place: Gänsemarkt, in front of the Lessing Monument