Fault Line: Strike-Slip

Fault Line: S

Jieun BanparkJieun Banpark - Foto: Dahye SeoJoséphine SagnaJoséphine Sagna - Foto: Sebastian HeemannChristina S. ZhuChristina S. Zhu - Foto: Parcours MSDLuísa TellesLuísa Teller - Foto: Öncü Hrant GültekinCeren Saner - Foto: Kristin BethgeNikomambo - Foto: Evans Dims

Jieun Banpark


Joséphine Sagna

Ceren Saner

Luísa Telles

Christina S. Zhu



The artists in this exhibition analyze the impact of racism on the self, on society, and on the architecture of our cities. Through personal and collective experiences, they bring forward the stories of raw and stolen materials transported across borders, oppose Western ideals of beauty, and challenge the stigmas surrounding migration, queerness, and black feminism. By exposing the fractures within the earth and our society, these artists search for healing through the wounds of a colonialist past and present -- in protest and resistance.


Fault Line: Strike-Slip is one of six digital and physical exhibitions currently on view as part of fluctoplasma – Hamburg's Festival for Art, Discourse and Diversity, a stage for culture, democracy, and solidarity.


Curated by fluctoplasma 2021



Opening 20. Oktober 2021, 6pm

Exhibition 20. to 24. Oktober 2021, Thalia Gaußstraße, Garage