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Embassy Lounge Vol. 4: Tremolos on the silk road
Sham Trio / Foto: Rzn TorbeySham Trio / Foto: Rzn TorbeySham Trio / Foto: Rzn TorbeySham Trio / Foto: Rzn Torbey
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Musicians, musical instruments, and the music itself have always been on the move. In music, as in other aspects of culture, the history of the Silk Road has largely been the history of the interaction between two large cultural domains. The Embassy Lounge focuses on the  influential center on that road – from Damascus to the Levantine.


Sham Trio

The musical trio consists of three Syrian musicians: Sam, Hasan and Yazan. They started to play music together in Damascus, during the war, and for almost three years they played in Damascus, Homs, Latakia, and Beirut. Now based in Berlin they use their music to show their audience the beauty and spirituality of their musical influences: the warmth of Damascus and its stony streets and alleys between the churches and mosques.



Nakriz is a Live-Electro-Band by Yazan Al Sabbagh, Saleh Katbeh and Hasan Al Nour. The three musicians play the Clarinet, Oud and Kanoun as well as sing. So they are bringing together the finest selection of electronic and oriental magical melodies. With “Arabic Dance Fusion” Nakriz celebrates the vibrant scenes of techno, folktronic, Arabic bass, house, and more.

Stimmen aus d
em Exil

The “Embassy Lounge Vol. 2” presents the Hamburg-premiere of Bu Kolthoum and Jundi Majhul.

Bu Kolthoum is a well known Syrian music-producer, singer and rapper within the Arabic Hip-Hop-scene. His energy and music inspire the Arabic underground scene, he plays of the middle eastern “Makamat” and his expertise with Arabic traditional Sofi-singing. His work varies from soulful Arabic R’n’B tracks to hardbody Boom bap Hip Hop with everything in between. The Syrian producer was also a member of the band “Latlateh”. Bu Kolthoum is best known for his album “Inderal”, which was released in 2015. Today, he is based in the Netherlands.

Jundi Majhul is a rapper, hip-hop artist, beat maker, and music composer from Damascus, Syria. He is known for his jazzy hip hop grooves, mixed with oriental middle eastern texts, adding heavy political and social content. The cu-riosity led him to discover other genres and instruments. He started learning percussions to become a professional Djembe player along with his band “Gebebara Unity Drums”. In 2018 Jundi launched his finger-drumming and live beat making project, using his tal¬ents in playing multiple instruments to produce live music on stage. The Syrian MC lives in Paris.

October 25, 21:00, “Nachtasyl”.