Three Sisters

Three Sis

by Anton Chekhov / directed by Mateja Kole┼żnik
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Life is always somewhere else. Yesterday or tomorrow, or in another place and at another time, rather than in the here and now, where they are equally as stuck as they are in the province. And where the three sisters Irina, Masha and Olga find themselves again, caught between homesickness for their childhood and wanderlust “To Moscow! To Moscow!”. They dream of more meaningful work, a greater love, a better society. They have all been talking at cross purposes and falling in love with each other. They live their current life as if it were a provisional arrangement, a sketch on a scribbling pad, a preliminary study for what’s to come. But there is no second life, no chance to start from the beginning and go again from the top. As time relentlessly marches on, so grows the desperation, the panic.
“You say: life is beautiful. Yes, but what if it only seems that way. For us, three sisters, life hasn’t been beautiful, it has choked us like weeds.” The question, “How do we want to live in the future?” which everyone poses in Chekov’s ‘Three Sisters’, incessantly and longingly, has lost none of its urgency more than a hundred years later. “We must work!” says Irina, the youngest, over and over. “Don’t cry, work!” says Rainald Goetz in response. Yes, if only it were that easy...

The multi award-winning Slovenian director Mateja Kole┼żnik, has visited theatres in cities including Ljubljana, Maribor, Zagreb, Basel, Munich and Vienna. Chekhov’s Three Sisters is her first time directing at Thalia.


Premiere in MaY 2021, Thalia Theater