by Toshiki Okada / Directed by Toshiki Okada
Toshiki Okada
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The world is like a doughnut: lots going on around the edge, with a hole in the middle.


Danger lurks everywhere! It’s perfect symbolism for a modern phenomenon: a species conquers a foreign space and creates confusion. A bear in the supermarket, the storm on the Capitol building, a mutating virus or social media without heart. Eventually it becomes difficult to tell whether people are still able to think for themselves – and not least because humanity demands new definitions of its values and this all takes place at high speed.


Japanese dramatist and director Toshiki Okada is well known for his unique use of language and engagement with cultural upheaval. Together with his company, Chelfitsch, Okada regularly travels the world to attend international festivals in Asia, North America and Europe. His Munich Kammerspielen production of “The Vacuum Cleaner”, was invited to the 2020 Berlin Theatertreffen.


"Doughnuts" on the studio stage at Gaußstraße is Okada’s first production at Thalia.