by Toshiki Okada / Directed by Toshiki Okada
Foto: Fabian Hammerl

Japanese theatre star Toshiki Okada invites his audience to encounter the hypermodern in real concrete spaces: at a late-night tube station in Tokyo (“No Theatre”), in a karaoke bar (“No Sex”), in a residential house (“The Vacuum Cleaner”). There, he approaches them with the tools of the contemporary version of the Japanese No¯ Theater technique. For “Doughnuts” he is gathering a handful of conference guests in a hotel lobby.


The world is like a doughnut: lots of edge and a hole in the middle. An empty space that grows ever bigger, with the increasing erosion of all certainties. A perfect image for a modern phenomenon: A species takes over a foreign living space and causes confusion. A bear in the supermarket, a mutating virus or social media without a heart. It reaches a point where nobody knows anymore whether their own way of thinking is still valid – not least because humanity demands a redefinition of its values at high speed. Or even: because humans lose the connection to speed.

Okada came to international attention with his company ‘Chelfitsch’, and regularly performs his work in Asia, North America and Europe. “The Vacuum Cleaner” (Munich Kammerspiele) was invited to the 2020 Berlin Theatertreffen. “Doughnuts” is Okada’s first production at Thalia. "Doughnuts" on the studio stage at Gaußstraße is Okada’s first production at Thalia.




The premiere on 21st January will be followed by a party, which the audience is warmly invited to


The performance on 22nd January will be followed by a Q&A with Julia Lochte (Chief dramaturg at Thalia), Toshiki Okada and the ensemble