Die Welterlöserin

The Wor
ld Saviour

A feminist-eco-fascist show by Madame Nielsen, Christian Lollike and the Halvcirkel String Quartet / Guest Performance Madame Nielsen, Denmark


Madame Nielsen

Christian Lollike



Christian Lollike



Anders Thrue Djurslev


Set Design

Mie Riis


Light Design

Morten Kolbak


Sound Design

Mads Emil Nielsen



Emilie Therese

Sofie Amalie Klougart

Sebastian Freire



Madame Nielsen

Halvcirkel (Pernille Kristiansen (Violin))

Bettina Marie Ezaki (Violin)

Mika Persdotter (Viola)

Nicole Hogstrand (Cello)

The exceptional Danish artist - author, performer, musician - Madame Nielsen lives in a constant state of flux. Her work is provocative and shakes up people’s beliefs. And now, with a view to rapidly advancing global warming, she poses the question: What will come of the aspiration to change the world, if the world really does begin to burn? How seriously can art still take itself if it doesn’t at least have the objective of saving the world?


And so Madame Nielsen takes to the stage as a dazzling sovereign of the world state and – surrounded by the four amazons of the Halvcirkel String Quartet – she sets a movement in motion. Enough with the hypocrisy, get out of your comfort zone! Saving humanity is a dirty job!


“Only there, where the theatre aims for cruelty, where it is traceable in the physicality, with its bones and tendons on view– there for one moment you lose the hustle and bustle, and gain political explosive power in the truest sense of the word. […] Very few people can master this art like her. She is, and will remain, worth seeing.” - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung




Guest Performance Madame Nielsen, Denmark

Funded by: the Danish Art Foundation and Wilhelm Hansen Fonden

In German and English


Duration 1:25h, no intermission

28th and 29th January 2022, Thalia GauSS


The performance on 28th January will be followed by a Q&A with Madame Nielsen, in conversation with freelance journalist Catarina Felixmüller, as well as a premiere party with the audience



Foto: Emilie Therese / Zeichnung: Stefan MarxFoto: Emilie ThereseFoto: Emilie ThereseFoto: Emilie Therese