Die Verlobung in St. Domingo

Die Verl
obung in S
t. Domingo - E
in Widerspru

von Necati Öziri gegen Heinrich von Kleist / Regie Sebastian Nübling
Trailer Die Verlobung in St. Domingo

stage design
Muriel Gerstner


Pascale Martin

Lars Wittershagen


Live camera
Robin Nidecker

Anna Heesen


Michael Güntert


Maryam Abu Khaled
Dominic Hartmann
Kenda Hmeidan
Dagna Litzenberger Vinet
Falilou Seck

A dynamic, diverse ensemble directed by Sebastian Nübling turns Necati Öziri’s provocative answer to Kleist’s novella into a sparkling play with fire. The current issues and contradictions, pitfalls and minefields of the contemporary discussion on racism and post­colonialism are fearlessly unearthed, tangled, disentangled, reconnected, and played through repeatedly with the actors’ fullest commitment.




Guest Performance Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin
A Coproduction with Schauspielhaus Zürich

In German with English surtitles

Duration 2h
4th And 5th February 2020, Thalia Gauß

On 5th February after the performance:

Maike Schiller (Hamburger Abendblatt) talking to Necati Öziri, Anna Heesen & Ensemble

Funded by
Foto: Tanja DorendorfFoto: Tanja DorendorfFoto: Tanja DorendorfFoto: Tanja DorendorfFoto: Tanja Dorendorf