The Politicians

The P

by Wolfram Lotz / directed by Charlotte Sprenger

Wolfram Lotz has written a theatrical poem called ‘The Politicians’. 

Like a mantra, the expectations tied up with that particular description are repeated, undermined, eroded and tested over and over again, constantly pushing further into the private sphere. Ideas bore deeper and deeper into your ear and into your brain about what politicians can, must, ought to, should and shouldn’t and particularly oughtn’t do. 


Wolfram Lotz says that the text of ‘The Politicians’ works as follows: a sentence is mooted, the sentence holds the space and wants to be considered, it wants to ring out. Then the next sentence comes along, which collides with the sentence before and therein lies the conflict. Sentences talk to each other, and create live theatre.


Charlotte Sprenger says this piece will take place simultaneously on the stage and on a digital platform. A play on the net, without a network and with a double bottom, but always live. Direct. Just. Now.


 Duration: 1.35, no intermisson


Premiere May 7th 2021, Thalia Gauß / Online