The Odyssey

The Odys

The Odyssey An odyssey according to Homer Directed by Antú Romero Nunes
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“Few sons are like their fathers, most are worse, few are better” (Homer)

When Odysseus went to fight in the Trojan War he left behind his wife, Penelope and his baby. Now, 20 years later, his infant son has grown into a young man. Telemachus has never seen his father. He’s heard stories about the ingenious Odysseus, but he has no idea if the great war hero is still alive. One day a man appears at his father’s court on the island of Ithaca. He is carrying a large portrait of Odysseus with him. As it transpires, he knows the war hero: Telegonus is also the son of Odysseus. Odysseus spent a year living on the island of Aeaea with his mother, the sorceress Circe, after she turned half of his comrades into pigs.
Telemachus and Telegonus are now together, awaiting the return of their multi-faceted father, who has so frequently wandered off course since destroying Troy.
Antú Romero Nunes tells the story of the unreliable narrator, Odysseus, in collaboration with actors Thomas Niehaus and Paul Schröder.

Premiere: Thalia at Gaußstraße, 20th May 2017

A Theater der Welt 2017 production



Die Odyssee. Eine Irrfahrt nach Homer, Theatertreffen in China 

„Die Odyssee shatters the holiness of Homeric Hymns.“ - Beijing Daily


„A play full of music, farces and magic that one can enjoy without any prior knowledge of mythology“ - Zhi-gong (contributing critic to Wowtheatre)


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On Tour
2th to 3th June 2022
Theater Winterthur, Schweiz
5th to 21th June 2021
Platonov Arts Festival,Woronezh, Russia
Digital guest appearance via stream 
13. November 2020 bis 25. April 2021
Theatre Basel, Schweiz


22th and 23th June 2019

Shanghai, China


18th and 19th June 2019

Beijing, China


18th and 19th May 2019

Macao, China


27th April 2019

Theater im Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen


23th and 24th November 2018

Prager Theaterfestival deutscher Sprache, Czech Republic


11th and 12th May 2018

Berliner Theatertreffen


4th to 6th January 2018

Santiago de Chile, Chile