Celebrate life!

ate life!

A 10-step guide
Das Leben feiern. Eine Anleitung in 18 Stimmen. #LT2022

Directed by

Michelle Affolter




Photos by

Fabian Hammerl


Based on an idea by

Herbert Enge

The hardships faced by young people are easing. Very slowly, despite the restrictions that still exist as a result of the pandemic, the city is returning to life before coronavirus. Community encounters are possible one again. We are rediscovering the wonderful side of sharing our lives with others. How will we celebrate life? What is there to celebrate? Which occasions are important to us? It is these questions that we will discuss. Inspired by a book written by Dutch historian and journalist Rutger Bregman “Basically good”, we go into schools and explore how young people from different parts of the city want to celebrate life and express positive perspectives on the future. The results of this research project with school groups will be presented in the form of a digital essay with text, photos and music, which will be available on the Thalia Homepage during the Lessingtage Festival.


A research project made by, and performed by, school groups