Chica Chica

a Chica

by Maarten Bakker / a theatre in education play for year 7 and above / translated from Dutch by Monika The
Trailer Chica Chica

Tess is German. She has a big mouth and a boyfriend. Imra is Turkish. She wears a headscarf and knows her own mind. As the girls introduce themselves to their classmates, they become involved in an argument about wearing headscarves, about hanging out with boys, about faith and about having sex for the first time. The more heated their argument becomes, the closer they grow to one another. When Tess is imprisoned for shoplifting and must stand trial, Imra is in a position to help her. Because coincidentally Imra was also in the shopping centre and saw that it wasn’t Tess, rather it was her friend Boa who placed the iPod in Tess’ bag. Imra could appear as a witness for Tess in court and save her from being sent to a young offenders’ institution. But Imra cannot do it. Her brother would kill her. And why should she take that risk for someone who she doesn’t really know? ‘Chica Chica’ reveals how dialogue comes from confrontation and how friendship rapidly comes from dialogue. Two strong girls, who in completely different circumstances must experience what it means to be mobbed, intimidated, kicked and spat at, learn that friendship makes you strong and can help you to confront your own fears.


The performance is followed by a subsequent discussion with the class on the themes of the play. When can you trust someone? What is friendship? When should you drop someone? What do you accept and what don’t you accept? Where do the boundaries lie in life?


Premiere 1st February 2012, Max-Brauer-School

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