Celebration of Life

n of Life

An Open-Air art event created by (and starring) school pupils
Foto: Peter Bruns


Herbert Enge

Anne Katrin Klinge

Nora Hertlein



Ute Radler


This school group art event, which is part of the 2022 Lessingtage Festival, looks for (new) measures of togetherness, coming after a time of restrictions and distancing. More than 1000 school pupils from Hamburg and the surrounding area are excited to explore their own thoughts about life and to give expression to their own wishes. How and why do we want to celebrate life in all its facets? Which questions and perspectives on life do we have? What do we fundamentally wish to celebrate, here in Germany, in Europe, in Africa, worldwide? Who has what reasons? What for? Children and young people present their thoughts and considerations on why it is worth seeing life in a positive light, to be optimistic despite the pandemic, climate change and other problems big and small. Schoolchildren will sketch out their statements in words and pictures on pre-assembled strips of metal, which will eventually be bonded at Thalia and will be presented in long ‘fences of life’ on Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz.


Premiere 20th January 2022, 12 AM

17th January to 6th Feburary 2022 Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz Thalia Theater