Book premiere: Navid Kermani

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Everyone should take a step closer – Questions for God / Reading, conversation and music
Foto: Ali Ghandtschi / Zeichnung: Stefan Marx

Evening after evening after evening, a father tells his daughter about religions - not only about their own, about Islam, but also about religions overall, about God, about life and death and the eternity around us. And soon they find themselves discussing the big questions that all children pose and many forget when they grow up: about God and the void, about love and death. This book is an enchantment, a poetic masterpiece, partly because Navid Kermani was also daring to write it in the dark and doesn’t cover up his own helplessness. But, of course, also because his language, his thoughts and his knowledge from two different cultures is so unique, so bright and so deep.  


Navid Kermani has received countless awards for his novels, essays and reportages, including the Kleist Prize, the Hölderlin Prize and the German Booksellers Peace Prize.


“The range of his work has something playful about it, something experimental, even anarchic. And were it not already different in the German translation, you would need to call him Pontifex maximus, Highest Bridge Builder – of course this would be a pretension, for he is not entitled to this Papal title. But his work is simultaneously quite vague but also so daring.” - Philip Gessler, taz


book premiere 1st February 2022, Thalia Theater